Lineage II

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Play the renewed Lineage 2: Helios - for free! The modern version of Lineage 2 with razor-sharp balance of classes, faster levelling and a wide range of premium options.

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Lineage 2 Classic offers challenges of the old chronicles to those who dare. Get subscription now and remember how it all began.
A familiar set of 5 races is expanded with 2 new ones: Kamael, masters of dark magic and Ertheia, daughters of Sayha, God of Wind. After reaching level 85, each of 37 classes will transfer into one of 8 awakening classes.
Intense and hardcore levelling in Lineage 2 Classic will make every level a real achievement. Incomparable fun for all the fans of classic hardcore!

Faster levelling and Training Camp
Playing the renewed version you will easily jump to the real action! Obtain XP even offline and reach high levels faster.

Classical trading system
Economy in Lineage 2 Classic, from taxes to crafting equipment, is fully driven by players. Open market encourages enterprising and offers many ways to earn.

Clan wars and castle sieges
Are you willing to win authority and place under the sun of hardcore Elmoreden? Or do you and your friends want to found your own kingdom? Legendary Lineage 2 Clan Wars are waiting for you.

More ways to gain power than ever
Ambitious clans are ready to fight their way to glory. Beyond participating in clan wars, they are challenging other dominions in castle sieges for possession of one of the ultimate treasures.

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