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Star Stable is the amazing online horse game where you explore the beautiful island of Jorvik on the back of your very own horse.

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Star Stable is an online horse game for players all over the world where they can dive into the joys of horse-riding and adventure!

Have fun exploring a fully fictional 3D world on horseback. Every player rides, takes care of their own horse, embarks on quests, participates in competitions and takes part in the epic story that unfolds in the world of Star Stable.

Within the game there are many fun, educational activities for your kids to enjoy, including:

- Learning social skills and building solid relationships by chatting with friends, and taking part in player-created riding clubs.
- Problem solving by facing challenges in a world that is constantly changing and expanding.
- Developing a sense of responsibility, from the financial management of virtual currency 'Star Coins' to caring for their own horses.
- Star Stable encourages reading and engagement with fiction: The Star Stable story is now 248,000 words long and gets bigger every week!
Star Stable is a world that never stops growing and offers the first true multi-player online experience for players that love horses, mysteries, adventure and making new friends.

It is free to register, in-game chat is moderated and we do not advertise any 3rd party content. While there is a great starting area available for young riders to try out and enjoy for free (up to level 4), to access everything the amazing world of Star Stable has to offer, players need to become paying members known as Star Riders.

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