Eat the orbs, grow your mass, slide and bump and play with class.

Brace yourself, don’t be afraid, sprint and jump and roll ahead.
But watch your gauge, there limits are, roll and roll, quick and far.

Once you get larger, charge with grace, strike with soft and cold embrace.

Claim rewards, spend some coins, for winter headgears for girls and boys,
With snowy outfit be fancy ball, unlock the skins, collect them all!

CONTROLS: Cursor - move Left Mouse Button - sprint Right Mouse Button - jump Remember - both sprint and jump are limited, so use them wisely. While sprinting, your mass drops, so it’s not recommended to use it constantly. When you jump and fall on other Snow Hero smaller than you, you will absorb its mass, the same as by colliding it. However, if you land on the ground without hitting another snowball, you will lose a significant amount of your current mass.

New games in gamming zone

Try too!


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